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About us

Prodigy Lending work with the best mortgage brokers in Berino to ensure borrowers who are interested in home loans get a product that suits their needs. We have been in operation for over 17 years, and our teams of mortgage professional have been giving clients incomparable services. We are not only in Berino but also in other cities all over the US. With the various products and lowest rates ever, our mortgages are best that homebuyers can get from the market. We offer conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA home loans. All the mortgages have their benefits and are tailored to meet the various needs of different home buyers. Those who need to refinance, consolidate debt, or purchase any home can get a product that suits their needs. 

Check below for our mortgage options

Conventional home loans

The home buyers can approach Berino mortgage brokers to better understand the benefits of a conventional loan. These benefits are listed below;

  • Small upfront fees of three percent
  • Significantly lower PMI
  • 10, 15, 20 and 30 ears loan terms which are adaptable
  • Exceptional scores that come with outstanding rates
  • Homebuyers do not meet lender cost

FHA home loans

FHA is mostly suitable for first-time homebuyers; however, other products benefit the majority of borrowers. Talk to a mortgage broker in Berino to advise you on the best option based on the following benefits;

  • 3.5% upfront fee
  • Flexible eligibility requirements
  • Interest rates that are quite competitive
  • Debt to income ratio that is increased compared to those of other mortgages
  • Loans that can be used for renovations are available

VA home loans

Veterans and their qualifying beneficiaries can apply for VA home loans without a problem. They are outstanding and have the following benefits;

  • Borrowers are fully funded on the home value
  • Zero down payment
  • Guaranteed by the government and therefore no mortgage insurance is needed
  •  Flexible eligibility criteria
  • Attractive rates

USDA home loan

The USDA home loans require one to be willing to purchase a house in approved places and meet the required maximum income. The following are benefits that home buyers get to enjoy;

  • Funding of 100%
  • Zero upfront fee with low rates
  • Cost of mortgage insurance is very low

With the above options, you can be sure to get the right mortgage with the help of our home loan experts. They are the best in the market as we have ensured their workplace is conducive. This has earned the recognition of being the top workplace in the US for the last eight years. 

Prodigy’s objective is to offer excellent mortgage services to our client as we seek to bond with them. The clients’ data is kept secure and private. This has differentiated us from large mortgage companies nationwide. The lending community believes in us for the kind of services we provide.

Our experienced mortgage professionals are ready to assist you in getting the best rates for your home financing. Clients can also get more information or contact us through our website with interactive tools. We offer low-cost mortgages, and we are known as the best private home loans providers all over America. 

Our mortgage rates are not fixed but keep changing based on the prevailing economic situation in the country. Get pre-approved and start your journey towards homeownership.


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