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Concerning us

Prodigy Lending is one of the leading mortgage company in America. We work through an experienced mortgage professional who is always ready to assist each of our clients. We ensure comfort in the workplace so that the staff keeps their focus on customers. This saw Prodigy scoop award over the last eight years as the Top Work Place in the United States. Clients get personalized mortgage solutions from us with guidance from the most experienced home loan professionals. We provide refinancing, consolidation of debt, and buying of the home through our various mortgage programs. All of them have their benefit, but the one which cuts across is the outstanding interest rates. 


Conventional loans

These are a non-government loan that has the following benefits;

  • Those with approved scores get decreased interests rates
  • Decreased mortgage insurance cost
  • Zero lender fee
  • 10-30 years loan term options
  • 3% down payment

FHA loans

The FHA loans are generally recommended by mortgage brokers in Chamberino. They come with the following advantages;

  • Debt to income ratio which is high
  • Renovation loans are accessible
  • Relaxed loan requirements
  • 3.5% down payment with the possibility of assistance
  • Competitive rates

USDA loans

USDA home loans have strict requirements on income and house location. Those who work with Chamberino mortgage brokers can seek clarification from them. Those who qualify to get the following advantages;

  • Zero upfront fee
  • Financing of 100%
  • Low-cost PMI
  • Lower rates

VA loans

Retires and serving military personnel qualifies for VA home loans. The advantages of this mortgage option include the following;

  • Best interest rates
  • Low closing cost
  • Financing of 100%
  • Easy qualification
  • No PMI

The prodigy end goal is to form a lasting relationship with our clients, and we meet their mortgage needs now and in the future. We uphold confidentiality on clients’ data, and this has made the mortgage community to trust us. 

Prodigy lending has been on the home loan industry for over 17 years, and we have built our name through the provision of unmatched services. We are known as the best private lending company in America, and no other organization has been able to match our services.

The clients are welcome to speak to us anytime, and the mortgage professionals answer to clients’ queries. Online mortgage brokers in Chamberino always recommend most of their clients to us because of our outstanding rates and variety of products to choose from. The rates fluctuate according to the situation in the market, and we advise our client to always get a free quotation before starting the home application process.

We assure you of the competitive rates regardless of whether the client is refinancing, purchasing a home or consolidating date.


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