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About us

For over 17 years, Prodigy Lending has been offering excellent mortgage services all over the United States. We have top mortgage experts who are ready to help each client get a tailor-made program with competitive rates. The team, with years of experience, help clients, identify the right mortgage that suits their situation. Those who are seeking to refinance, purchase homes, or consolidate debts can come to us. We also work with the best mortgage brokers in Santa Teresa to ensure those clients working through them are served. 


Conventional home loans

The conventional loans come with excellent interest rates for those clients who meet credit score requirements. The down payment is only 3% with the flexibility of choosing 10-30 years loan term. There is no lender fee needed, and the PMI required is relatively reduced compared to those of FHA mortgages. 

FHA home loans

It is quite easy to qualify for FHA mortgages since we consider even borrowers with reduced credit scores. The down payment required is 3.5% for those who meet the minimum credit score requirements. Those who do not meet may be required to part with an increased upfront cost. Improvement loans are available, and all other programs under FHA loans have competitive interest rates.  The home buyer can talk with their Santa Teresa mortgage broker to get advice on which program to choose.

VA home loans

With 100% financing that borrower’s get from VA loans, they do not have to save for down payment. The mortgage insurance is not also required since that loans are approved by the government. There is a closing cost required for each mortgage though it is low, and this makes it easy for the majority of veteran s to qualify. When compared to other packages, it has the most competitive rates among the government-backed loans.

USDA home loans

The USDA home loans also give 100% financing, which comes with outstanding interest rates. There is no need for a down payment, and the clients are required to get mortgage insurance that is quite low. The clients also need to meet the home location and income requirements.

Client’s information is kept confidential, and this is what has earned us trust across the lending community. It is our goal always to serve clients to their satisfaction now and in the future. 

The prodigy mortgage team is always dedicated to answering the client’s queries. Customers can give us a call at their convenience or utilize our interactive tools online to get more information. In the last eight years, we received recognition for being the top workplace, and we hope to maintain this for years to come. 

Mortgage brokers in Santa Teresa refer clients to us because of our competitive interest rates that we offer at all times. The quotation quote is available for free, and the clients can request for it by filling mortgage form. 


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