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Prodigy Lending is one of the best mortgage companies across the United States. We have the best mortgage professional who is determined in meeting each client needs. We understand the value of our staff; the working environment is always conducive. This has earned the honor of being the top workplace company in the US. Coupled with competitive interest rates and mortgage options available, the home buyer can work with the best mortgage broker in Anthony to identify one that fit their needs. The professional mortgage experts are always available to advise our clients on different home loans, whether in refinancing, consolidating debt, or buying a property. Clients’ always get the right mortgage at attractive rates that cannot be found from another lender.


USDA home loans

The USDA home loans come with 100% financing, and therefore, the home buyer does not have to worry about the down payment. The interest rates are also exceptional, and the borrowers need to get mortgage insurance, which is not expensive. The homebuyer must meet the income requirement and should be willing to buy a home in an approved location. 

Conventional home loans

The conventional loans have flexible loan terms where homebuyer can choose between 10 to 30 years. It benefits those with exceptional scores since it is not backed by the government. The mortgage insurance will be required, although it is cheaper compared to those of FHA mortgages.  The down payment is also better than those of FHA as those who qualify need to raise 3% only. The clients get competitive rates, and they do not have to pay the lender fee.

FHA home loans

The FHA home loans accommodate those without an established credit history. These include low-income earners and the first time home buyers. With only 3.5% down payment, the borrower gets t to enjoy outstanding rates. We also allow those with high debt-to-income ratio to apply for the FHA home loans. Many of the prospective home buyers easily meet the requirements, and they can also apply for improvement loans. 

VA home loans

The VA home loans give 1005 financing without the need for a down payment. The homebuyer will also pay a small closing cost without the need for mortgage insurance.  The eligibility criteria are flexible as we do not dwell on the credit scores of our clients. The rates are also competitive since we are assured of repayment as it is guaranteed by the state.

It is our primary objective to continue working with our clients in the future as we provide unmatched services in the mortgage industry. We allow clients referred to us by Anthony mortgage brokers, and the client’s information is kept confidential.  

For over 17 years, we have been providing top-notch home loan services to our clients. Feel free to contact us today and enjoy our services too. With our various mortgages that come with low rates, you can be sure to get one that fit your needs with help from our professional home loan experts.

The clients can obtain obligation quote online by utilizing our tools that are available on our site. The rates keep changing depending on one economic condition in the country, but we give you the most current rate in the market. Be sure to also consult your chosen mortgage broker in Anthony, TX.


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