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About us

The prodigy is where you get your mortgage without having to worry about data getting into wrong hands. We uphold confidentiality, and this is what has separated us from the more prominent home loan companies in the US. We have been serving clients for over 17 years, and in the last eight years, Prodigy received an acknowledgment as the top workplace in the US. This goes to show our level of commitment to our staff as we recognize their role in satisfying our clients. Our team of mortgage professionals is always ready to serve each client, whether in refinancing, putting together debt or purchasing home. 

Prodigy has different products that come with competitive rates. The clients can talk to their mortgage brokers in Canutillo to negotiate further depending on their credit scores. We are always ready to serve you, and our main aim is to create an unbreakable bond with each client. 


Conventional home loans

The conventional home loans come with reasonable rates for those with exceptional credit scores. The clients are only needed to make 3% down payment with reduced private mortgage insurance. There is no lender fee, and the clients get to choose the loan term according to their ability. A home buyer can choose to work with the best mortgage brokers in Canutillo to help them in negotiating the rates.

FHA home loans

FHA home loans are backed by the government and have reduced down payment. It is easy to qualify for these loans, and the client will only meet 3.5% of the home value. The Canutillo mortgage broker can help the client in acquiring the credit report to check if they will benefit on 3.5% down payment or they will be required to make more. The rehab loans are available for those who will wish to improve their properties. All the programs under FHA loans have competitive rates with high debt to income ratios accepted. The borrower will have to get private mortgage insurance. 

VA home loans

The VA home loan offer 100% financing for those who meet eligibility requirements. The requirements are quite flexible, and many of the veterans qualify for these mortgages. There is no mortgage insurance required, and the closing cost is low. The clients under this home loan get the best rates offered in the market. 

USDA home loans

The USDA home loans are also guaranteed by the government and therefore require low-cost mortgage insurance. The loans offer 100% financing with competitive rates. The home buyer will not have to raise the down payment as long as the level of income required.

The mortgage rates depend on economic situations, but we always offer the best. Speak to us today and get a free quotation by filling in a mortgage form.


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